Cleansing + Protection

It is true that heating installation plants are water tight, but they are by no means gas tight. For this reason, oxygen can penetrate and cause corrosion damage.

The result is corrosion sludge that will plug valves, pumps and tubes of the heating installation plant. As a consequence, heating radiators or parts of the floor heating system will remain cold.

As a consequence of the corrosion effect, gas buffers will be created that lead to annoying flow noises in the radiators. The lime and corrosion sludge sedimentation created in the heating boiler will increase the energy costs considerably.

With REPA-CLEAN and REPA-KS, you have two powerful agents against sludge forming in the tubes. REPA-KS is the preventive agent, and REPA-CLEAN is for a soft cleansing effect. Both agents can be applied in the course of the heating installation plant being in full operation. And both agents are suitable for all usual materials: REPA-CLEAN is suitable for steel, cast iron, aluminium and plastic material; REPA-KS protects iron, steel, aluminium and copper.