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remove the Pressure from You.

They automatically find the leak.

The self-sealing repair method for heating systems was invented as early as in 1933. Since then, this method has been developed further and more advanced all the time.

REPA-TECH has produced and marketed liquid sealing materials for heating installations since 1991. The REPA-TECH products are constantly being optimized according to the latest developments and findings, and they are ideally suited for modern heating installations.

These are your advantages when you choose REPA-TECH:


You are offered a hundred percent reliability as regards REPA-TECH products for sealing purposes. Their sealing effect is absolutely permanent.


You will carry out the repair work of a heating installation with REPA-TECH products considerably faster than with a conventional tube repair job.

Save money

Your customers will easily save many times the amount they would have had to pay for different repair methods.


Your handicraft enterprise shows competence and will enhance its image because you will immediately have a solution ready, instead of often looking for days on end for leaky spots.


In addition, your customers will highly appreciate that the job is done quickly and clean, and their home remains intact.

Clean, Safe, Fast:
Seal any leaks from the inside

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Repa-Tech Videos

Function sealing tape REPA-TAPE5:29

Functioning Sealant for internal gas pipes3:20

Sealant for pipelines, boilers and thermal plants 6:45